Introduction Thread

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Introduction Thread

Post by renegade » Sat Sep 09, 2017 5:16 pm

It got suggested to me by a couple of people and I agreed it would be a good way to unite old and new members of the community so i figured I would get the introduction thread started!

I will go first! :)

I started playing TFC with [=PR=] back in 2002 and became a leader in 2005 while we are on one of our longer 5v5 league runs. In addition to TFC I now spend most of my gaming time playing HL2:DM(competitive 1v1 league), UT, Quake, TF2, Sven Co-op, and a few others. I got this website up and running to reach out to, and reunite with the members of our little gaming circle from back in the day as well as meet some new friends along the way and play some fun games.

edit: Playing in the 5v5 league with [=PR=] is where I met Eric, Omni, Tex, and the rest of the dudes from .AI

That's all i got the energy for here is my steam profile:

NEXT :mrgreen:


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Re: Introduction Thread

Post by omni.AI » Sat Sep 09, 2017 8:15 pm

Hi, omni.AI here. Been playing TFC since 1999. I have, of course, played several other mods, but none do for me what TFC does. I am in love with the hl.exe engine and the physics created in TFC.

Among the other mods I have played are Sven Coop, which I enjoy but liked a lot more back at like version 3.0 or something - before the big upgrade that changed the engine and physics. I tried CS way back in the day but it just never was for me at all.

Day of Defeat: hated it. Again, physics... and the horrible one shot kills... and more than anything the whole realism angle where your character actually tires out when he runs so you have to stop and rest every few seconds.... ARG.. realism taken to the point of killing the fun.

They Hunger: loved it. Zombies, zombies, zombies. These were cutting edge zombies too, back before Walking Dead inundated us all with zombiemania.

Then there was HL2: loved it. It was epic and grand. But TF2... smh. Huuuuge letdown. I mean for me and so many other TFC nuts. It's a fantastic game, but only barely passes muster as a sequel to TFC. The physics and gameplay and the lack of my precious preciouses: grenades. Just not for me.

Portal and Portal 2: Two of the best video games I ever played. LOVED THEM.

My name, omni, is short for omnipotent_emps, which is a name I used to play under waaay back in 99/2000. I mainly played engy at the time... pretty much exclusively, and I got very very good at using my emps through walls and ceilings and stuff way before most of the other newbs had figured out how to maximize their uses. And we played the same maps over and over (this was on RR Southern Maine TFC server): 2Fort, Well, Rock2. So, I knew where all the places were where snipers would hide, sg's would be put up, etc. So I used my emps blindly, but knowing exactly my targets and once got told the my emps were omnipotent, so I just changed my name to that.

There was a guy who used to drop into the RR Southern Maine server and destroy everybody because he was so damn good, his name was Bandit. And one night while we were playing late and there were pretty much just him and me, he said I should come play on this other server he usually plays on where the skill level is a lot higher - and the rules were a lot more strict and they played tons of cool custom maps. It was called CoJ: Crowbars of Justice. And yes many of the players there played at a higher level than what I had been used to pwning at RR Southern Maine, but they had one weird rule that was strictly enforced. Much like the anti-bhop crowd who play at Drippy's, these throwbacks didn't believe in weapon-jumping while carrying the flag - it was a bannable offense. Yes, that includes conc-jumping and rocket-jumping. But, strangely enough, the rule worked pretty well there when it comes to leveling the playing field to make for more competitive games.

Would you believe, that is where I met both Tex and HOPE SOLO? Also, and here is a fact that even they might not know, another guy who played with us there was named AidanPryde and he is where the name FUNTOWN originated. He changed his Steam name to FUNTOWN. We also met another of the founders of both FUNTOWN and our clan, a good old friend we haven't seen in awhile name Marlak or Lacer Proeliator. He and Eric and I founded FUNTOWN CENTRAL the server, after having had the clan together called Angry Internets. We competed in UGC 5v5 and 8v8.

I love ADL maps. I think the best map ever made for TFC is Avanti. People who know me can attest to this.

There. Wordy bitch, ain't I?

Welcome to the FUNTOWN, baby!Image

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Re: Introduction Thread

Post by [MFP] Zeknafein » Sun Sep 10, 2017 5:26 am

Hi guys Zeknafein here ^_^

Started playin tfc in 1999 goin up to my brothers house on the weekends to hang out with his friends while he was in college for computer SciEnCe!

Love FPS, mostly play sniper and spy, better at sniper.

I love the old games cause they make me happy and new games try to be to real and simulation and I got real world to be my simulation, I wanna play silly games to have fun.

Long time gamer, built my first computer when I was 11 from parts in my garage, my dad is an electrical engineer and always had the stuff around ^_^

Anyway, I'm now 31, have a degree in Automotive technology and love building and racing cars, and playin video games and building robots and stuff like that ^_^

hope to meet y'all soon, I work as an operations manager at the pet store my mother owns so I work late shift then play nights, so I'm on most nights. Hope to see you guys on!

Zeknafein signing out ^_^

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Re: Introduction Thread

Post by BluPhoenix » Sun Sep 10, 2017 2:54 pm

Hi everybody

I'm BluPhoenix. I am 24, almost 25 y/o and I have 3 kids all under the age of 6. I live in TN. I used to clan with .LoM in the lower levels of STA and UGC 5v5. Lotta people rag on me for that, but .LoM treated me better than anybody else in the game the entire time I have played it. I think its just because people hated the fact that there was a clan being run by a female, but it is what it is.

I originally played under Ryman (My name is Ryan) and after that I played under several different aliases. Hatred, Default, Oblivious, Grim, Grimmy, and a bunch of others. I started playing the game back when I was 7. 1999/2000. My dad was big into it, ran his own clan and the works. He started out in {AW} which had a rock2 only server and went on to found [KEWL] which got up to over 40 something members at its biggest. My dad held a LAN party which saw over half the clan come out to our house and held tournaments with payouts and what not. I remember all of this as some of my fondest childhood memories. I play tfc for the nostalgia trip. Everytime I play its like a trip down memory lane to when times were simpler and I didn't have to deal with the stress of adulthood (go figure).

I can't stand servers with anti-bhop or rules that take any competitive edge away from someone. If its possible with the game engine, I say, do it. I don't like hacks of course, but if its within the parameters of the original dev intentions, do it. Because of this, I don't play tfc for long periods of time unless I'm playing with the guys at inhouse, and even that, since I moved, has been a bit scarce.

TFC at its prime, that I remember, was by far the greatest game ever created. I could get on tfc at 8am Saturday morning, and not get off until I was falling asleep at my keyboard in the wee hours of Sunday morning.

Now, since I don't play TFC as much, I disc golf.

A lot.

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Re: Introduction Thread

Post by [MFP] Zeknafein » Tue Sep 12, 2017 6:13 am

Hello, [MFP] Zeknafein here, been playin on and off since 99.
still playin now, I play as a sniper.
I live in south dakota and work as an operations manager at my family business and am on late night.

but I'm practicin as a spy too, so stabby stab yo! ^_^

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