Hello!! from www.vulpinemission.com

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Hello!! from www.vulpinemission.com

Post by =(V)=RocketJedi » Fri Jan 12, 2018 2:03 pm

Hi All In an effort to keep UT99 alive we have been embarking on getting to know all the communities left possible. +1 on the intro forum thread needed ;)
We primarily play UT99 and run about 5 servers in NY. Hope to see some of you around. Also feel free to utilize me in any questions related to UT99 administration. Been running ut servers since its inception. I hope to get to know your community and some of you take the time to get to know ours :)

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Re: Hello!! from www.vulpinemission.com

Post by renegade » Fri Jan 12, 2018 11:22 pm

Hey man welcome! Thanks for stopping by, I will make sure to return the favour. I am certainly newer than you to adminning ut servers so I may have to take you up on that offer and send some questions you’re way :).

I have seen your servers around for quite a long time, I may be a new ut server admin and [=PR=] as a clan is new to ut but I have been playing since the early 2000’s.

I will hop on one of your servers sometime and we can get a game going, stop by our server if you got a craving for some instagib, some great maps on there (dom, ctf, and dm), the game starts out with bots but the drop as players join obviously.

See ya round!

Ps. There is a intro thread in the misc forum but maybe I should add a specific one for ut.


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Re: Hello!! from www.vulpinemission.com

Post by Hook » Wed Jan 17, 2018 2:37 pm

Hey, Hi there and Welcome =(V)=RocketJedi and the gang at Vulpine Mission to this forum/site [=PR=] Gaming!!!

=(V)=RocketJedi, You are a member at our OLD forum.
PLEASE make sure that you Register over at our NEW HUTP forum ->[/color] http://hooksutplace.freeforums.net/
or http://www.hooksutplace.co.nr/ (then click on -> FORUMs)
- Thank you so much! 8-)
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