Map Discussion CTF-512K-In_A_Cave (UT99)

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Map Discussion CTF-512K-In_A_Cave (UT99)

Post by renegade » Sun Oct 01, 2017 7:24 pm

This is a very simple UT99 CTF map but I have had a few really fun games on it. Great map for small games/1v1. I found it among some other great maps in the 512kb mapping contest pack and have been running it on the [=PR=] server a lot since. The placement of the large boulders on the map make it easy to dodge and hide as you make your way through the yard towards the enemy base which, on both sides, is absolutely stacked with rockets, flak, shock, armor, shield belt, and a minigun. Another thing I like about this map is the low ceiling creating the need for well timed almost straight lined rocket boosts. Also, I love the lighting :).


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