Map Discussion: CTF-1on1-GenericArenaMap (UT99)

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Map Discussion: CTF-1on1-GenericArenaMap (UT99)

Post by renegade » Sun Sep 24, 2017 11:08 pm

I usually stick to the stock maps because of the nostalgic feel i get while playing them (which is why i have the PR server's default map as CTF-Face). That being said, i do love testing out custom maps that are new to me. This one has been one of my recent favorites, both in look and design. The name of the map pretty much sums it up but what I love about this map is the tight choke point hallways leading to the flag room as well as the middle ramp room area acting as a yard between the bases that has rocket launchers on either side, a minigun on the floor, armor in the middle and health packs scattered in the corners.

CTF-1on1-GenericArenaMap Download

I see that has some screenshots on their map download page but I took some of my own before noticing so fuck them I'm posting mine anyways, mine are btter :twisted:



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