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View the latest post Server Update 3/4/18

[=PR=] UT99:Instagib / AllWeaponBoost Server Update 3/4/18

Boost is Back!

Decided to reinstall the RocketCTFBoost mut. so we now have the option of switching to some normal weapon CTF w/ self boosting when we feel like we need a break from Instagib. How to make said switch between game modes in next update topic ;)

Map/Game mode Voting

Successfully installed and configured MapVoteLA13. Upon the game ending there will now be a map vote window that opens and gives you the option to vote to change maps as well and change between 4 different game modes: iCTF, iDM, BoostCTF, and BoostDM. To prompt a vote mid game simply type !vote in the chat.

New Custom Map

I have been working on my first custom map and I now have a playable version available on our server under the iDM vote column. Nothing too special but i certainly had fun putting it together and have had some fun play testing it along with Paradox.


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View the latest post [=PR=] Gaming Team Fortress 2


I am extremely pleased to announce the [=PR=] Gaming Team Fortress 2 Division! we have some awesome players in our group and we are always looking to add more.








If you are interested in joining i encourage you to post a reply to this topic and provide the following information:

In game name


Steam profile link

Past clan history

Hours played


Mic yes/no?

Favorite game modes (CTF, Payload, CP, MVM, MGE, Surf etc.)

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